Personalize Feeds with Listener Contact Details

You can dynamically change the title of feeds and episodes, and text in show notes based on the listener's contact details.

So listener Jamie will see a feed titled: "Audio Content for Jamie" while Alex will see "Audio Content for Alex". 

Listener contact details can be dynamically inserted using the following syntax:

  • First name = [[fname|fallback]]
  • Last name = [[lname|fallback]]

The following text fields can include the dynamic contact details:

  • Feed titles
  • Episode titles
  • Show notes

Fallback text

If a listener doesn't have contact details included in their listener data, the fallback text will be shown.

So if you title a feed "Audio Content for [[fname|my friend]]" and listener Taylor doesn't have their first name in Hello Audio, they will see "Audio content for my friend" for the feed title in their podcast app.