Automatically Remind Listener Who Haven't Subscribed

You can send an email reminder to any listeners who were invited but have not yet subscribed to the feed. The reminder is the same email that was sent initially inviting them to the feed.

Inside the Edit Feed page, find the checkbox "Remind listeners who haven't subscribed" and set the days before the reminder is sent, and the number of times to repeat the reminder.

The above image will wait a day, then send a reminder, wait a day and send another, then wait a final day before sending the final reminder. If they subscribe at any point in that time, the email will not be sent.

Hello Audio checks what reminder emails need to be sent at 10am PT each day. The listeners will need to have been invited more than 24 hrs before that time to receive a reminder email.

For example:

  • A listener added Monday at 9:59am PT will receive an email at 10am on Tuesday reminding them to subscribe.
  • A listener added Monday at 10:01am PT will receive an email at 10am on Wednesday reminding them to subscribe.

In the second example, the listener hadn't been invited for more than 24 hrs by the Tuesday checkpoint, and so wasn't sent the Tuesday reminder email. This is to prevent listeners added just before 10am PT to receive a reminder email far too soon.