Feed Limits

Your feed limit is based on which plan you're subscribed to. A feed is one icon in a podcast app.

Starter plans are allowed 1 private feed, limited to instant type. This could be supplemental content for a course, for example. There's no limit to episodes or listeners at this time.

Pro plans have 3 private feeds and 1 public feed. The private feeds can be any feed type: Instant, Date-Based, or Drip. (Public feeds are always Date-Based.)

Powerhouse plans have unlimited private feeds, and 2 public feeds. (Contact us at support@hellaudio.fm if you'd like to add another public feed.) You also have transcription available. Note: You'll see 999 as the private feed limit. If you're approaching that limit, please let us know and we'll increase it for no charge. We'd love to hear how you're using Hello Audio with that many feeds!