Thinkific students can automatically be synced to Hello Audio, connecting one product to a feed. Find the Hello Audio app in the Thinkific app store and install from there. This requires a paid Hello Audio account. It will not work while on the free trial of Hello Audio.

Watch this video to see how it works, start to finish:

Once you click install, you'll be asked to log in to your Hello Audio account. You'll see your Thinkific account name appear in your integrations page, confirming your accounts are connected.

Syncing Students and Listeners

In a feed, go to the Listeners & Links area and click Sync with Thinkific. If you don't have any listeners yet, you'll see the button below.

 If you already have listeners, you see the button on the top-right.

Choose your Thinkific product from the dropdown and decide if you'd like to send an introductory email inviting them to listen. You can edit the email's text from here. When you're ready, click "Enable Syncing".

Refresh the page to see that your currently-enrolled students in Thinkific have been added as listeners to this feed.

Now, when someone joins your course in Thinkific, they'll automatically get added to the feed in Hello Audio! Note that it takes a minute or two for new students to appear in Hello Audio.