ActiveCampaign Webhook URLs

You can use an ActiveCampaign automation to add or remove listeners from a Hello Audio feed. When a listener is added, they're automatically receive an invitation email to start listening.

"Removing" means the listener's access is blocked. They aren't deleted from your listener list for that feed in case you'd like to reactivate them.

This involves a Webhook step in your AC automation, which passes the contact's information to Hello Audio when going through this step. We take that information and subscribe or remove them to the feed.

First, grab the webhook URL from your Integrations page at This is accessible from the left-side menu as well.

Select which feed you'd like to use the webhook for and copy the URL for the action you'd like to perform.

You can choose to send the email when the listener is added, or not. Check the box to make your selection then copy the link.

NOTE: Treat your API Key inside the webhook URL like your password. Do not share it with anyone. You can click Regenerate to erase the old one and start fresh. This disables all old webhook URLs. The old ones will need to be replaced after regenerating a new API Key.

The ActiveCampaign Automation

In an ActiveCampaign automation, click the plus sign to add a new action. Choose "Conditions and Workflows" then "Webhook".

Delete the content in the field (http...) and paste the webhook URL you copied from your integrations page. Make any final changes to the automation and click "Active" to turn it on.

Test the automation by sending a contact through and you should that email address appear as a listener in the feed you chose. If the contact is yourself, you can also see how the email appears when a listener is added to the feed.

Here's an example of an ActiveCampaign automation using a Hello Audio webhook to add a listener.