Bulk Updating or Adding Listeners via My Listeners Page

In the My Listeners page, click "Upload CSV" button to add a CSV list of listener information. This can add new listeners, update current listener information, or both.

The file must be a CSV file that uses the first row as headers for the information in the columns. You can download the Example File to see the proper formatting.

If an email address matches a current listener, their information will be updated by the CSV. If there's no match for the email address, they will be added as new listeners in your account unless you choose "Update existing listeners only". When chosen, it will only look for matches and not add unmatched emails.

The listener fields that can be added/updated are:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Tags
    • In the CSV, separate tags will be read between commas insides quotes, e.g. "tag1, tag2, tag 3". 

Spaces are okay in in tags and names. 

If you're using Full Name, you can match that with our Full Name field, which will be parsed into First and Last names.

You can add the listeners you're uploading to one feed at a time, and decide to send an invitation email to those listeners. The email content is set at the feed level in the Listeners tab of the feed.

When uploading your CSV, you'll match your columns of the file to the fields in Hello Audio. Email is required for importing, all others are optional.

How to Update Current Listeners

You'll likely have many listeners who have been added to feeds in various ways, but don't have full contact information like names or tagging.

To update them with contact information, you'll likely export a CSV of contacts from your email platform like ActiveCampaign or Kajabi, then upload the CSV to Hello Audio. Choose the "Update existing listeners only" option, and match the appropriate fields. That will update all your listeners with their contact details.