Connecting Google Drive to Your Audio Inbox

In your Hello Audio account's Audio Inbox, you can sync your Google Drive media files to easily add them to your Hello Audio feeds.

Click "Audio Inbox" from the dropdown menu at the right. Click "Sign in with Google" and choose your account. You can add more than one Google account to your Audio Inbox.

Be sure to check the box for "See and download all your Google Drive files" otherwise the connection won't work.

Once connected, you'll see all media files found in your Google Drive appear in a list. They're sorted by the date they were added to Drive, newest on top. Scroll to load more files, or use the search bar to access them. TIP: The search finds the beginning of words only. It can't find the middle characters without the start of the word. (Editor's opinion: For being Google, their search API is not great.)

Feel free to edit the nickname for your Drive connections. By default, they're named with your Google email address.

Choose several files at a time and pick a feed to publish them to. You can click on a file name to preview the file in Drive. Click "Import Selected" when ready. The feed(s) that the files appear in will be shown in the Audio Inbox.

You can leave the page while the files are being imported. They'll appear in your feed when imported, but may need additional time to convert to mp3. They are dated with the current date and time in a Date-Based feed, and added to the bottom of an Instant or Drip feed.

You can edit the episodes just a normally uploaded file and publish when ready.

Disconnecting the Google Drive Account

If you'd no longer wish to see the Drive account in your Audio Inbox, click "Delete Connection" and confirm when ready. 

To remove Hello Audio's permissions from your Google account, visit Click Hello Audio and then Remove Access. 

Doing this and then reconnecting may resolve some syncing issues in case files aren't appearing in the Audio Inbox for your Google account.