Converting File Types

You can upload multiple file types, including video files, to add a new episode. Those files will be converted to mp3 for audio delivery.

In your feed, you'll see a drag-and-drop area above your list of episodes. 

Drop media files in that box to begin uploading and conversion to mp3. You can also click on that area to open the browser's file selection dialogue.

Accepted file types:

  • mp3
  • m4a (what Zoom and iOS Voice Memos use for their audio files)
  • mp4
  • m4v
  • mov
  • avi
  • wav
  • ogg
  • oga
  • webm

You can upload a mix of multiple file types at the same time. Files that aren't mp3 will be converted to mp3 after uploading completes. Hello Audio only delivers mp3 audio files to listeners to ensure the files play in as many podcast apps as possible.

The conversion should only take a few minutes, depending on the length of the file. After uploading and while converting, you'll see the following message inside the episode itself:

When your file is done converting to mp3, a media player will appear here so you can preview your audio

If the message never changes to the media player, the conversion may be stuck. You may need to replace the media file to get the conversion going again. Click "Replace Media" under that message to re-upload and begin the conversion again.