Universal Links

Each feed is automatically created with a universal link. This link leads to a subscription page that anyone can use as many times as they'd like. Anyone with this link can subscribe to your feed.

Know that Drip feeds have a universal link that starts when the feed was created. The drip schedule follows from that date. It's recommended not to use the universal link for Drip feeds.

Copy the link using the clipboard icon and drop the link in an email or direct message. Done! Anyone who clicks that link will be able to subscribe immediately.

You'll not know who's subscribed or how many times the've listened. And you can't remove access from an individual listener. They'll have access until you create a new Universal Link, or until you archive the entire feed for everyone.

Why would you want to use the Universal Link?

It's the simplest to manage and deliver. If you don't care about removing access or whether an individual has started listening, it's as easy as sending the link.

A great use case is using your feed as an email opt-in. You can copy the Universal Link and add it to a welcome email after the listener drops their email address on your webform. Hello Audio doesn't send it. You do, with your branding, from your address.

What happens when I create a new Universal Link?

All listeners who subscribed using an old universal link will be blocked from accessing content. They would need to subscribe to the new universal link to continue listening.

This maybe useful if you operate cohorts of students. For example, you want to remove access from your Spring class as a whole, but keep the feed available for the upcoming Fall students.