External Stats Tools, e.g. Chartable

With public feeds, you can add a prefix to your media content links to allow tracking using external tools. Currently, we support Chartable prefixes.

To achieve this, go to your feed properties and click "Advanced Settings" to open up further options.

Once opened, check the box for "Use Chartable Prefix". We've pre-filled the Chartable format for you. All you need to add is your unique code from Chartable. This should be 6 letters/numbers at the end of your Chartable Trackable link: https://chtbl.com/track/19A8E7/. You would add just 19A8E7 in the text box replacing ABCDEF as shown below.

In Chartable, click Integrations, then Trackable. Copy the 6 character code at the end of their link you see on that page. It will look something like this: https://chrt.fm/track/ABC123

Paste that 6 character code (ABC123 in the example) in the field show here.

Click "Save" and your feed will automatically update to prepend your media file URLs with the Chartable prefix. Chartable says it will take 24 hours to begin populating with data from this change.