Listener FAQs

If you're a Hello Audio user, you can direct listeners to this page if they have questions.

Listeners: Email us at if you're having trouble accessing the content. To have your link reset, contact the feed creator.

How do I start listening?

Subscribe in a podcast app! On an iPhone we recommend Apple Podcasts (no installation necessary). On an Android phone, we recommend Google Podcasts (no installation necessary). Click an app's button and then "Subscribe" when the app opens. Done :)

If the app isn't installed on your device, the button for that app won't do anything.

How do I listen after subscribing?

Go directly to the app that you subscribed with. Click the image of the podcast and start listening! You'll receive new episodes in the app automatically.

To see all the feed's episodes in Apple Podcasts, click Library, Shows, click the image, then See All Episodes. (Most apps make this easier. Apple decided to bury the episodes a bit deeper.)

After subscribing, the page with the buttons has served its purpose and is no longer needed. 

How do I subscribe again?

After you subscribe, you may see the following message:

It looks like this feed is already in your podcast app! Head there to continue listening.
If you need to add it to another app, contact the feed creator to reset your link

To subscribe in a different app, you'll need to reach out to the feed's creator to have your link reset. They'll either send you the link again, or you can refresh the page once they've confirmed it's ready, and the buttons will reappear.

How do I view the page on my phone?

If you open the page on your computer but want to use your phone instead, you can hold your phone's camera up to the QR code at the bottom of the page. That will show a popup of the page link. Click that to open the page. The buttons will work from there.

How do I install a podcast app?

Most devices have an app already installed. See "no installation necessary" below. To install an app, click in the lists below.

Mac computer
Windows computer

Does this work with Spotify, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio?

No, those apps don't allow adding private podcasts via RSS feed. They behave more like Netflix, which doesn't allow you to watch home movies using their app. Others are nice enough to let us use their app to listen to private podcasts.

UPDATE! Spotify is available with some feeds. Click here for specific Spotify instructions.

Help! The feed isn't working in [Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, etc.]

First, you can email us at and we'll look into it.

Some users experience an error that incorrectly says the feed or episode isn't available, similar to the image below from Google Podcasts. (It seems to be improving

Unfortunately, the cause of this issue has proven impossible to narrow down. We've tested links from listeners who have this problem, and all seems to work on our end with our devices and accounts.

It appears that Google or Apple decide when an account isn't able to access the content. And sometimes it's device-specific. Meaning, a listener can use Google Podcasts on their phone, but not on the browser version for example.

If you receive this error, the unfortunate advice is to use a different app.

If you're interested in helping us track down the issue, we're collecting listener information to find common trends.

Click here to provide us with details about your problem.