Sending Unique Link Using Your Own Emails

You can write an email in your own email platform, like Infusionsoft, MailChimp, etc., and send each listener their unique link in that email.

The short answer is to use Custom Fields for your email platform. (Kajabi calls them "liquid objects".) This is similar to %FIRSTNAME% or {{first_name}} content in an email. You can create a new one called %PODCAST%, for example, that contains their unique link.

You can either use Zapier to automatically add the unique links to the listener's contact information, or manually add it using the CSV export tool in Hello Audio.

Automatically Using Zapier

We have detailed instructions for how to do that in ActiveCampaign here. Those instructions use Zapier to automate the process. Most of the information is usable in other email platforms in a similar way. You may need to Google "how to create a custom field in [your email tool]". But the Zapier steps function the same.

Manually with a CSV File

You can also bulk add listeners by pasting their email addresses in the Add Listeners area, then export a CSV that contains all their links. Be sure to turn off "Send introductory invitation email" so that you can do so yourself later.

After the listeners are added, you can download a list of all listeners with their unique links by clicking the Export CSV button shown below. In your email platform, you can find their bulk update or bulk import tool and load the CSV. Then choose the correct custom field for their unique links.