The Hello Audio Glossary

User: That's you! You're using Hello Audio.

Listener: Your listeners. These are people in your audience who have purchased, opted in, or found your audio feeds.

Feed: This is a podcast. It's one square in a listener's podcast app. It could contain an entire course, or it could be the Q&A calls for a group program, or it's the weekly hot seat recordings, or your Facebook lives. Or all of the above!

Episode: A single audio file. The feed shows a list of episodes, which are playable audio files.

Episode Description: Sometimes called Show Notes, this is a rich-text input block that appears in podcast apps. You can include links, bullet points, or formatted text. Some apps will remove the rich text formatting, so links may not be clickable in some apps, for example.

Start Date: The day a listener is added to a feed. This determines the date of an Instant feed's episodes for that listener. In a Drip feed, it's the day the first episode's drip delay is calculated from. (Usually the first episode is dripped 0 days later, so the listener would see the first episode on their start date.) A listener can have a different start date for different feeds.

Subscribe link: This is a unique link for the listener to access the content of a feed. It shows a page with several one-click buttons to subscribe in the app of their choice. (Not all apps support one-click subscribing.) You can disable a subscribe link for an individual listener and the feed will then be empty for them.

Universal link: This is the link to a feed that can be used if you don't need per-listener information in your private feeds. You cannot prevent users from listening to a feed if they've subscribed using the universal link unless you generate a new universal link. The new one overwrites the old and makes the old inactive. All listeners who used the old one will need to resubscribe.

Feed link: This is a link to the RSS feed itself. This is what apps use to connect to access the material. You paste this link into apps to subscribe manually in apps that don't allow for one-click subscribing. You can get the RSS feed by clicking the Subscribe link, then clicking the Copy RSS Feed button.

RSS feed: A computer-generated XML file of your feed. This is not meant to be viewed directly. Apps know what to do with this. The Feed link points to this RSS feed.