Zoom Integration

You can connect your Zoom account to publish recordings directly from within Hello Audio. This will save you the time of downloading and uploading the file to/from your computer.

Here's a quick 3-minute video showing how it works:

In your Audio Inbox click "+ Add" next to Zoom.

Sign in to your Zoom account, and you'll see confirmation that the account is connected.

You can set a nickname for this connection. By default, it's titled with your Zoom account email address. You can also delete this connection or add another Zoom account if you'd like.

Publishing Zoom Recordings

Once connected, your Zoom cloud recordings will appear in a list, sorted reverse chronologically. Clicking on a recording title will take you to the Zoom page where you can preview the file.

To publish recordings to feeds, check the box next to the recording you'd like published. Then choose the feed you'd like, and click "Import Selected". This will import the files from Zoom into Hello Audio just like you uploaded them from your computer.

After the files are imported, you'll find them in your selected feed. There, you can edit the title, change the publication order or settings, and finally publish once you're ready.

Back in the Audio Inbox, you'll find the feeds these recordings have been added to in the "Appears In" column.

As you add more Zoom cloud recordings, you'll find them in the Audio Inbox where you can publish them to the feeds of your choice.

Adding Another Zoom Account

Be sure you're logged in at Zoom.com to the account you want to add.

Head to https://app.helloaudio.fm/audio-inbox/zoom and click "Add Connection". Follow the steps and approve the permission.

You'll find the new Zoom account in a tab along side the original one you added.

Disconnecting Your Zoom Integration

Inside each Zoom account connection, you'll find a "Delete Connection" link. Click that and confirm the deletion. Your account will no longer be connected. All published content will remain in their feeds, but the Zoom account won't appear in your Audio Inbox.