Hello Audio Remastering, Powered by Dolby.io

All Hello Audio users get monthly remastering credits included with their plans. The Hello Audio Remastering engine is powered by Dolby.io's Enhance API, which performs the following improvements to sound quality:

  • Removes background noise
  • Corrects loudness
  • Reduces plosives (puffs of air) and sibilance (ssss sounds)
  • Isolates speech



How to Remaster Your Audio

Inside each episode, find the remastering icon next to the preview of the audio. Click that icon to start the remastering process. Each episode takes a few minutes to process. Once it's finished, the episode will automatically use the remastered version.

Refresh the page to see the remastered version. Episodes that are using the remastered version show a blue speaker icon. Press play to hear your improved audio.

Click that icon again to turn off the remastered version and return to your original audio quality.

Remastering Credits

Each plan is allotted a number credits which renew on the 1st of each month:

  • Starter - 1 credit
  • Pro - 5 credits
  • Powerhouse - 10 credits

At the beginning of each month, your monthly allotment is topped up to the credits determined by your plan. Unused credits don't rollover.

If you'd like more credits, you can purchase them à la carte in bundles of 5. These à la carte credits never expire; you have them until you use them. Remasters pull from your monthly credits first, then use your additional credits if you're at 0 monthly.

To purchase additional credits, you can do so in your account page at https://app.helloaudio.fm/account. Click on "Remastered Audio, Powered by Dolby.io" and purchase extra credits at the bottom of that area.

Additionally, if you try to remaster when you have no credits available, you'll be able to purchase more at that time.