Email Listeners When New Episodes Are Released

Inside each feeds' settings, you'll find a checkbox saying "Email all listeners when a new episode becomes available". 

Checking this box will send an email to all listeners when a new episode is published to their feed. You can customize the subject of the email as you'd like.

You can personalize the subject line with the listener's first or last name using [[fname|fallback]] and/or [[lname|fallback]] as shown below. If there's no first name data for that listener, the subject will use the fallback text instead.

The email body itself is not customizable. It's contents are as follows:

Your feed's artwork
New content is available 🎉
"Episode Title"
This is part of your access to Feed Title.
The episode is waiting for you in your podcast app.
Link to Listener FAQ
Opt out link for these notifications

Finer Details

  • The listeners will receive up to one email per hour. This is to prevent an onslaught of notifications if you release several episodes at once.
  • The email is sent when their podcast app receives the new episode. You may publish it at 9am, but the app might check for new episodes at 10am. The listener will receive the email at 10am in that case.
  • Since it relies on the app checking for new episodes, they need to actually be subscribed to the feed to receive the email, not just invited. Only subscribed listeners will receive the email.
  • If the listener opts out of these emails, they do so on a per-feed basis. They can turn off emails for one feed, but will still receive emails for others.