Add Tracking Code to Subscribe Pages

You can add page view tracking code to the header of your feeds' subscribe pages. The subscribe page is where the listener chooses their podcast app to subscribe with. The tracking code will appear on the Universal Links AND all individual links for each listener.

The most common use case would be adding a Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager tracking code to track those who visit the subscribe page of your feeds. Some marketing tools like ActiveCampaign have page tracking abilities as well.

Warning: We don't confirm that the code is valid. It's possible to break your subscribe pages by adding code incorrectly here.

Click "Edit Feed Properties" inside the feed you'd like to track visitors for. Find the "Tracking code for subscribe page" box towards the bottom and paste your tracking code, then save the changes.

You can quickly check by visiting the Universal Link for that feed and test that your tracking code is present and functioning properly.

You may find the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension helpful for validating that your FB Pixel script is added correctly.