Add Listeners from FG Funnels to your Hello Audio private podcast feed

This automation will send contacts from your FG Funnels account to a private podcast feed in your Hello Audio account. For example, you can:

  • Add listeners to a feed when they opt in to your FG Funnels form
  • Block a listener when a membership expires
  • Tag a listener when they purchase a bonus upsell in FG Funnels

To begin, visit your Hello Audio integrations page at and find "FG Funnels: Create custom webhook for your FG Funnels"

Click "Create Custom Action" and select the feed and action to take.

For Add/Update Listeners, you can decide to send them an email when they're added to the feed (recommended), and save their name inside Hello Audio for feed personalization. You can also add a tag to the listener when the action is taken in FG Funnels. If they are already a listener in the feed, their name and tag information will be updated from FG Funnels.

Copy the link and head over to your FG Funnels account. Follow their instructions for using Workflows to create a Workflow if you don't have one already. You'll add Hello Audio webhook as a step in an existing workflow.

Click the + where you want the action to fire. This would typically be right under a trigger like "Form Submitted". Paste the link you copied into the URL field and click "Save Action".

The Workflow will look like the following when completed. The "Webhook" action is where listeners are passed from FG Funnels to Hello Audio.

Save the change, set the workflow to Publish, and you're done!

You can click Test Workflow to pass a test contact to Hello Audio and check the feed to see the new listener updated!