Getting Started with Zapier

Hello Audio can use Zapier to automatically add and remove listeners to/from a feed.

For example, when someone purchase your course, they can be added to the course audio feed by passing their information from the purchase to Hello Audio using Zapier.

Or when someone leaves your membership, their unique link in Hello Audio can automatically be disabled.

Here's brief video showing how to create the automations in Zapier:

When adding a listener, Hello Audio can send an email notifying them, or you can send it through your own email platform like ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit. You can add a Zapier step after Hello Audio to pass the link to your email system.

Glossary of terms:

  • Zap: An automation in Zapier.
  • Trigger: The start of the zap. This is what causes the automation to run.
  • Step: An action that follows the trigger in the automation.

You'll add Hello Audio as a step inside your Zap. The first time you do so, it will ask you to sign in to your Hello Audio account to connect it to Zapier. You'll only do that once.

Example Zap Creation

To begin, click "Make a Zap" and choose your trigger, or click on an existing Zap.

Note: Zapier requires test data to complete the Zap. Run through the trigger yourself by purchasing, opting in, or canceling a membership to provide the test data.

Click the "+" icon to add the Hello Audio step. In the "Search apps..." area type in "Hello Audio" and click the icon when it appears.

Choose "Add Listener" if they will be new or "Edit Listener" if they're already in Hello Audio, then Continue.

Sign in to your Hello Audio account.

Click "Choose an account" and pick the one you just added. By default, it's called "Hello Audio". Click Continue.

Choose the feed title that you'd like to use with the listener.

Click the email field and select that information from the trigger.

If adding a listener:

  • Decide if you'd like to have Hello Audio send the subscription email or not.
  • If yes, you can type in custom email text, or leave it blank to send the default text.

If editing a listener:

  • Set their new status:
    • Active: They can listen to the feed.
    • Inactive: All episodes are removed from their feed. They can be reactivated later.
    • Deleted: All episodes are removed from their feed, and they are no longer in your list of listeners. This is not reversible.
  • Change their start date (optional).
    • This affects which episodes the have access to in Drip feeds.

Click Continue.

Then click Test & Review

Note that the Hello Audio step returns the feed title, subscribe page link, and the RSS feed link. These can be used in later steps, e.g. passing their subscribe link to a custom field in an email platform.

Click the "+" icon to add another step if you'd like, or you can turn on the Zap to finish.