Zapier Webhooks Action

Zapier allows for incoming webhooks to trigger an automation zap. Note that this does require the Zapier Premium plan to access their Webhooks trigger, and the Hello Audio Powerhouse plan to access Actions.

In Zapier, click to create a new Zap and search for Webhooks as the trigger.

Choose "Catch Hook" for the trigger event and click "Continue".

Click "Copy" for the URL shown and then head to your Hello Audio Actions at

Choose what'd you'd like for "When this happens..." and then pick "POST to a Webhook" for the second selector.

Paste the URL you copied from Zapier in the URL field. In the Headers JSON field type a pair of empty curly brackets:


In the body, type the fields you'd like to pass to Zapier. This could include the email address, feed title, and episode title if you'd like. I must be formatted exactly as shown below. Feel free to copy/paste from here into your action setup.

 "Listener Email": "[[email]]",
 "Feed Title": "[[feed]]",
 "Episode Title": "[[episode]]"

This is how your action should appear:

Click "Save This Action". You should now see it in your list of actions down below.

Click "Test Action" to fire off the webhook. It takes a minute or two to send the action. Refresh the page after waiting a bit and you'll see the test action in your Action History list. If it failed for some reason, it will appear red. Click Edit Action for your webhook and make changes as necessary, then test again.

When you have a successful webhook in your Action History, head back to Zapier. Click Continue and Test Trigger. 

You'll see the successful trigger with the information you passed from Hello Audio. You're ready to use those fields in later steps of your Zap!