Super Listener Score

In you list of listeners, you'll find a Super Listener Score. This is a number from 0 to 100 that measures how quickly and how often someone is listening to your content. This is lead scoring for your audio content.

The Super Listener Score is based on how quickly a listener downloads the episodes after they're released. A highly engaged listener will have a score approaching 100, which means they're quickly listening to episodes one after another soon after they're made available. If they wait to get to episodes after release, their score decreases. 

You can sort the table of listeners by this score to see your your audience distributes. Export a CSV to capture a snapshot of these values. 

In the My Listeners area of your account, you'll see the listener's average score across all feeds they've subscribed to. The listener below would show a score of 13 across all feeds: not a very engaged listener.

Use the Super Listener Score with Actions

Powerhouse users will find an Action for when the Super Listener Score passes a threshold. Pick the feed and value to trigger the action. 

From there, you can tag them in Hello Audio, notify you via email, add them to a feed, or call a webhook which can tag them in your CRM, for example.