Actions Overview

Actions is a Powerhouse feature that can be used to automate processes following if/then logic similar to Zapier or If This Then That. The format follows:

When _______ happens,  I want _______ to happen.

Head to to set up and manage your Hello Audio actions.

When this happens...

  • Listener activates subscription - This happens when a listener subscribes in an app for the first time. Their status changes from "Awaiting Activation" to "Activated". You choose which feed to watch for activations. You'll need a separate action for each feed you'd like to watch.

  • Listener downloads a specific episode - This happens when a listener accesses an episode for the first time. You choose the feed an episode to watch for downloads. You'll need a separate action for each episode you'd like to watch.

...I want this to happen

  • Send me an email - Your account email address will receive an email notification when the action is triggered. You can customize the subject and body of the email. Possible variables used in the subject and body:

[[email]] = Listener's email address
[[feed]] = Title of the feed
[[episode]] = Title of the episode

  • Add listener to another feed - The listener who triggered the action will automatically be added as a listener to a new feed. You can decide to send them the welcome email for the new feed or not.
  • POST to a webhook - Sent a generic webhook message to trigger an external tool. You provide the URL, JSON header, and body of the webhook. You can use the same variables in the header as those available in the Send me an email action above. You may need help from a developer to use this feature.

Managing Saved Actions

Under the setting up of new actions, you'll see a list of your saved actions. They'll show a sentence describing what the action does. 

You can turn off actions by flipping the switch next to "Activate". This saves the action for future use, but will stop listening for triggers until you reactivate it.

You can also test, duplicate, edit, or delete your action. Testing the action uses your account email address as the listener.

Viewing Recent Actions

Under your saved actions is a list of the ten most recent firings of your actions. This actions history shows the details of what triggered the action and what was done due to that trigger. It also shows a timestamp of when the action happened.

Your actions history is shown reverse-chronologically.

Example Webhook Actions