Hello Audio Quick Start Guide

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Any questions, please feel free to email us at support@helloaudio.fm

Create Your Feed

Click "Create New Feed", choose Private, and add a few details: the title, author (You!), and description appear in podcast apps once a listener subscribes. The link is required and appears in some apps. Read more about the link field.

When choosing the type, Instant is the simplest. It's a quick, bingeable playlist of all episodes back-to-back. Great for courses. 

If instead you're adding ongoing content, choose Date-Based for your feed type.

If you don't have an image yet, you can drop one that's temporary. It can be changed later :)

Add Episodes

Drag in your media files to upload and add an episode. Videos will be converted to audio automatically. Each files becomes an episode in bulk.

Tip: they appear alphabetically in the list, so numbering them before uploading helps get them in the right order from the start :)

Organize Episodes

Drag to reorder the episodes in an Instant feed.

Click on an episode to change its title. You can also change the scheduled date here to reorder a Date-Based feed. Newest will appear on top.

Flip the switch to publish once the episode is ready. Scheduled episode won't be released until your scheduled date.

Add Listeners

Generate and distribute the Universal Link if you'd like to keep things simple. This is good for email opt-ins if you don't care about removing access from individual listeners.

If you want to have unique links for each listener, add them in the "Listeners" area. You can paste a list of email addresses to add in bulk.

An email will be sent to each listener inviting them to subscribe in a podcast app.

More details are in the following help document: https://help.helloaudio.fm/article/38-adding-listeners

Subscribe to your feed in your podcast app of choice by using the Universal Link or adding yourself as a test listener.

When you make changes to the feed, you may need to refresh your app to see those changes. Usually that's done by dragging down on the list of episodes to grab the newest version of the feed.

Automate Listener Addition

Optionally, using Zapier, you can have a step in your Zap that adds the listener to your feed automatically.

Read more about Zapier details here: https://help.helloaudio.fm/article/54-getting-started-with-zapier

Managing Listeners

To disable access for an individual listener, flip their switch to turn off their feed link.

You can also automate this with a Zapier step.

You can read more about that here: https://help.helloaudio.fm/article/69-block-and-remove-listeners

Find answers to other common questions here at our FAQ page.

Our help docs live at help.helloaudio.fm

Again, if you need to contact us, feel free to reach out at support@helloaudio.fm.