You can automatically add a listener to your Hello Audio feed when a student/customer is added to a product in MemberVault.

To start in MemberVault, head to Integrations --> Other on the left side of your MemberVault account. Click "Connect to Hello Audio" and log in if you haven't already. You'll see the page update with the two buttons shown below.


Click on Actions at the left, and find the product you'd like to connect to a Hello Audio feed. Click Add Action for that product.

Make your selection for "When this happens..." and "How", then choose "Add User to Hello Audio Feed"  in the "Do this..." area. Then, choose your feed on the right.

You're able to add a user to more than one feed if you'd like. They're receive a separate email for each feed.

Adding Feed to the Product

In the product itself, scroll towards the bottom, under the Welcome Message text box. There, select the Hello Audio feed associated with this MV product. You can only select one feed.

This adds "+ Podcast Feed" to the top of your module list which is clickable. It leads to that user's subscription page. If they've already subscribed in an app, they'll be directed to their podcast app to continue listening.

Connecting the feed also adds a new "module" at the bottom of the list called "Podcast Feed". It leads to the same subscription page as above.

That's it! When someone signs up for your MemberVault product, they'll be added as a listener to your Hello Audio feed.

You can get creative with the "When this happens..." area, like unlocking the feed as bonus content when they unlock a bonus module or complete a certain lesson.


At this time, you can't automatically remove someone from a Hello Audio feed if they are removed from the MemberVault product. There's not a "When this happens..." for being removed from product. To automate the removal, you'll need to use ActiveCampaign webhooks or a Zapier integration.

There's no way to suppress the invitation email sent from Hello Audio using the MemberVault integration. Don't use this integration if you don't want Hello Audio sending the email.