Adding Listeners

In order from simplest to most complicated, the options for getting your content into listeners' ears:

  1. Sending folks your Signup Page for that feed.
  2. Sending the universal link
  3. Manually adding listeners directly into you feed
  4. Automatically adding listeners using an ActiveCampaign webhook
  5. Automatically adding listeners using Zapier

1. Sending folks your Signup Page for that feed

You can publish your feed's Signup Page link requires a listener enter an email address to gain access to the content. These can also be used to charge for access. Link to this page to get folks to signup for your feed as a listener.

When someone signs up through that page, an email will automatically be sent to their email address inviting them to start listening.

2. Sending the Universal Link

Each feed is automatically created with a universal link. This link leads to a subscription page that anyone can use as many times as they'd like. Anyone with this link can subscribe to your feed.

Know that Drip feeds have a universal link that starts when the feed was created. The drip schedule follows from that date. It's recommended not to use the universal link for Drip feeds.

Copy the link using the clipboard icon and drop the link in an email or direct message. Done! Anyone who clicks that link will be able to subscribe immediately.

Note that they won't be able to listen on Spotify using the Universal Link. They must be added individually to generate a unique access code paired to the listener email address. You can read more about Spotify private feeds here.

Why would you want to use the Universal Link?

It's the simplest to manage and deliver. If you don't care about removing access or whether an individual has started listening, it's as easy as sending the link.

A great use case is using your feed as an email opt-in. You can copy the Universal Link and add it to a welcome email after the listener drops their email address on your webform. Hello Audio doesn't send it. You do, with your branding, from your address.

3. Manually Adding Listeners

You can add multiple listeners at once by pasting a CSV list of email addresses. (Just the addresses, not the names.) 

In your feed, click "Listeners & Links", then the "Add Listeners" button. There, you can type or paste a list of email addresses, up to 1,000 at a time.

Sending the Unique Links Yourself

If you would rather send an email with the unique links yourself, you can flip the blue switch off, then add the listeners. Click the "Export CSV" button after they're added to download a list of all listeners, including their email address and unique link.

You can import this CSV into your email system, like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp, and add the links to a custom field.

4. Automatically adding listeners using an ActiveCampaign webhook

You can add listeners from a webhook step in an ActiveCampaign automation. This will send the invitation email from Hello Audio.

Here are the details for using the ActiveCampaign webhook.

5. Automatically adding listeners using Zapier

A Zapier automation can add listeners from most platforms into your Hello Audio feed. You can decide to have Hello Audio send the email, or send it yourself using custom fields.

Here's how to get started with Zapier.

And here's how to connect custom fields using Zapier and ActiveCampaign. It's a similar process for most email platforms.

BONUS: Native integrations with MemberVault and Thinkific

People who sign up for your MemberVault or Thinkific product can automatically be added to your Hello Audio feed.

See the instructions here for connecting MemberVault to Hello Audio.

And these instructions for Thinkific

And these for ThriveCart users